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FRANCE 24 / RFI Multimedia Studio's Webdocumentaries: a brand new approach of News

France 24 & RFI like to innovate and bring to their websites' users different perspectives of the News.
Webdocumentaries is a new type of reports that get you literally on the field.
They mix sound interviews, pictures, texts, videos and infographics with the latests web features.

Webdocumentaries offer Internet users a truly multimedia and enhanced coverage of the news.

Enter our last projects:

Life Among the Ruins

English - Français

From Rio to Copenhagen:
Things are heating up for the planet

English - Français

22330 :
Les bras de la France


The fall of the wall

English - Français

The conquest of the moon

English - Français

Piraterie en Somalie



New iPhone App

Adapted from its iPad App, France 24's latest iPhone App is going one step further in bringing you mobile News.
Anywhere, anytime, access right from your phone to exclusive articles, videos and other contents.


Available on the iPhone App Store

Editor: Backelite for France 24
Compatibility: iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4
iOS 3.2.1 / 4+


3 languages, 1 voice

France 24 iPhone app is available in 3 languages!


  • All the articles, news, reports and videos created from France 24 journalists and specialists are available in French, English and Arabic.


  • This new app brings from now on all the available content of between your hands with an adapted version that fits your screen


  • You can easily connect and share the contents on your Facebook profile and Twitter account or simply by e-mail!


The best from the iPad App in your iPhone

Access Geolocated articles right from your iPhone with France 24!

  • We read Your comments on the App Store on the iPad App to develop this iPhone app with Backelite
  • We chose to integrate the features you love like Geolocated articles on a map to let you know where the closest events are.
  • We also worked hard on making this app fluid, user-friendly, easy-to-use and accessible for the visually impaired.


Live Breaking News anywhere on the globe

France 24 Breaking News live on your iPhone


  • France 24's strengh is to bring you a French point of view on 24/7 live News coverage.


  • To let you stay informed of the latest developments, the France 24 iPhone App sends you a Push Notification everytime Breaking News are broadcasted or published.


  • You can watch our 3 channels live on your iPhone with any 3G or WiFi network.


YOU are the next reporter!

  • You just witnessed an unexpected event or would like to participate to The Observers and give your point of view on the News? Our app is what you need!
  • In a single tap, send your photo or video to the news room with your comment and in minutes, you could be broadcasted.

Available on iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G!


Social Connections

RFI and France 24 Multimedia Studio integrated recently new social functions into the common Drupal structure of the two entities. These functions let the user interact with their Twitter or Facebook accounts. 

But let's see them in detail :

Create easily your account with Facebook and Twitter

Just click on the "Connect with Facebook" or "with Twitter" Button, then log into your account

Create your Club profile by filling a simple form

Your account is up and running on both RFI and France 24
Next time you'll automatically be connected !

See what your "Club" friends read

In a box on the right of each page, you'll see the list of the last articles your friends (on Facebook and Twitter) read
You can deactivate this function in your profile

You can list the last articles one of your friends read in his or her profile

You can also highlight the titles of the articles your friens read
You can activate this function in your profile

Share your point of view

Once you're connected you can comment any article you want in a single click. It's easy and fast.



France 24 on iPad

France 24, in cooperation with Backelite, released an iPad application on April 3rd 2010 - the very first day of the American release of Apple's latest pride and joy!

What does this application do?

Utilizing a new, unique, fluidly animated navigation flow, users can access not just France24's standard web offerings, but also quickly and easily swipe, drag and flick their way into the latest broadcasts, live feeds in three languages, and other Video On Demand content. The experience is elevated even further by the iPad's wide, bright screen.

Major features of this application include:

  • Geolocalized articles displayed on an interactive full-screen map
  • Articles and news wire browsing using Drupal taxonomy tags and categories
  • In-app multi-language support: English, Arabic and French
  • High resolution On Demand Videos of the latest TV broadcasts
  • App customization through the selection of "my favorite tags" or categories
  • Live feed video Streaming

Here's a video review of the application, created by France 24's advertising department:


Results and reviews:

Since its release, "France24" on the iPad has been downloaded approximately 3000 times and is currently among the most downloaded Free apps in the French itunes store ! (iTunes will open if you follow this link).

A lot of positive feedback was seen on twitter, and several blogs posted reviews of the app. Here are a few examples :


Technical aspects :

This application is built on two different technical layers, one developed by Backelite, and the other one by France 24 Studio Multimedia's developer team.

All content is stored in our Drupal databases and accessed by the application through the newly developed France 24 API. The API provides a JSON web service that returns feeds containing the MySQL query results.

The JSON output of this feed is then interpreted and displayed on the client's iPad using the latest Apple SDK components and behaviors.

Current known issues:

At present, the major concerns with this application are linked to the live video feed. We have identified a bug in Apple's iPad SDK that prevents the video player from switching between video streaming and downloading.

Our current solution has forced us to redirect the user out of the application and into the iPad's built-in Safari web browser to view the live feed. This bug is currently being fixed by Apple's team and we will release a new version of the application as soon as the bug has been fixed.

The live video feed itself also currently suffers from some quality problems, therefore MBR (multi bit rate) feeds ranging from Apple-recommended 64kbps to broadband WiFi 750kbps are not yet available. The current feed is a fixed medium quality 450kbps feed, which is still more than acceptable on a reliable wifi network.

We should very soon be able to install new servers and see gains in both quality and stability of the live feed, in order to offer the best of the iPad video streaming experience for both Wifi and 3G versions. Unfortunately, the installation of new streaming servers by our streaming partner Yacast has been delayed by the dreadful Icelandic volcano eruption!


NOTE : [As you read this post, the issues with the live feed have been addressed by the installation of new streaming servers]

What's Next?

By utilizing our API in conjunction with built-in Apple SDK components, it's now much easier for us to put the finishing touches on the soon-to-be-released iPhone version of this application as well as porting to Android and BlackBerry platforms.

France 24 Studio Multimedia is also involved in the development of the French international news radio broadcast station RFI (radio france international) which utilizes many of same custom Drupal modules as France 24. Therefore, RFI fans will also soon be able to browse through their favorite radio broadcasts and articles using their iPads.

No matter if you're on an Android phone, an iPhone, an iPad or a Blackberry, Studio Multimedia's got things cooking to feed your France24 and RFI needs - Stay tuned!



[FR] Modules Drupal Open-Source

Lancé en décembre 2006, la première version du site de France 24 était basée sur un CMS Java, Magniola. Mais à cause de problèmes de stabilité, nous avions migré le site sur Drupal 5 six mois plus tard. Nous venons tout juste de migrer le site de France 24 sur Drupal 6 et un socle technique réécrit "from scratch". Ce socle est aussi partagée par la nouvelle version du site de RFI, lancée quasi-simultanément début novembre. Il en résulte un socle technique générique composé de modules Drupal, qui pourraient être réutilisés par d'autres sites journalistiques.
Ces modules sont en train d'être publié en open-source pour que n'importe qui puisse les utiliser et participer a leur développement. Une annonce a été publiée en page d'accueil de


  • Multimedia Element: C'est un module très puissant pour le journalisme en ligne. Il permet de créer des blocks (pas au sens Drupal) appelés éléments multimédias, contenant des articles (récupérés automatiquement, semi-automatiquement, manuellement), des carousels d'articles, du texte, des photos, un diaporama eventuellement en popup Lightbox, une vidéo, un flux Twitter, une table, ... le tout combiné. Et ces blocks peuvent être placés partout dans votre site, y compris directement dans le corps d'un article grace à un plugin FckEditor. Voici un bel exemple d'article contenant des éléments multimédias.
  • Easy View: Views est un outil extremement puissant de Drupal pour créer des listes automatique de contenu. Mais c'est un outil complexe a ne pas mettre aux mains des journalistes! Easy View permet la configuration d'une View depuis une page d'édition d'article, avec une interface très simplifiée. Concrètement, le journaliste peut alors générer des listes d'articles automatique à partir de différents filtres, et, utilisé dans un élement multimédia, cela peut être placé dans un corps d'article ou ailleurs dans le site. De plus, les Views peuvent être éditorialisées totalement (plus de mise a jour de la liste d'articles) ou devenir semi-automatique (éditorialisation sur une liste d'articles mise à jour). L'affichage des articles (gros, petit, carousel, ...) est ensuite selectionable.

  • Uberimage: Un champ CCK image avancé. Il permet de recadrer à la volée les images dans les différents formats d'image du site. Extremement utile si vous avez des images affichées à la fois en 16/9, 4/3 ou d'autres formats exotiques où le cadrage automatique n'est pas bon. Ce module supporte aussi le mode nodereference, permettant de mettre une image par noeud, et donc de pouvoir gérer une collection d'image réutilisable.

  • Formatter selector: Il n'existe sous Drupal aucun module à notre connaissance permettant à un journaliste depuis une page d'edition de noeud (frontpage, element multimédia, ...) de choisir le theme d'un autre noeud référencé. Par exemple, si un article placé en frontpage est important, utiliser un thème le mettant en avant. Formatter Selector vous permet cela.

  • External Sources / Externodes: Externodes est un module puissant mais à reserver aux experts permettant d'acceder a du contenu d'un autre Drupal de manière totalement transparente, grace à du mapping sur les nids et fids. Par exemple acceder au nid 1,000,000,001 sur le Drupal 1 vous fait en fait accéder au nid 1 sur le Drupal 2, le tout visible depuis Drupal 1 de manière totalement transparente. Ce module est fort utile si on souhaite partager de large collections de contenu entre plusieurs Drupals (par exemple une collection d'images), et économiser un peu de charge SQL dans les recherches fulltext.

  • Embedded edit: Ce module vous permet de prévisualiser, d'éditer et de créer du contenu sans quitter votre page, grâce a une sorte de Lightbox. Cela ajoute en autre un lien "Créer un nouvel article" en bas des noderéférences vous permettant de créer un article sans quitter votre page, et en ayant le référencement dans le nodereference fait automatiquement.
  • Views CCK Formatter: Ce module vous permet d'utiliser les formatters CCK comme theme de contenu dans les Views Drupal.
  • CSV Table: Un simple module vous permettant d'uploader un fichier CSV, et d'en afficher le contenu. Des évolutions sont à prévoir.
  • JCarousel for Views: Un module interfacant JCarousel avec Views.
  • JCarousel formatter framework: Un module vous permettant d'utiliser JCarousel dans Drupal, optimisé pour les différents navigateurs, et avec un framework de liaisons theme JCarousels <-> formatter CCK.
  • Utilities: Un module contenant des fonctions utilitaires utilisées par tous les modules ci dessus.

A venir

  • Editor toolbox / Nodeselect: Nodeselect est le premier module à avoir été open-sourcé par France 24. Il a maintenant évolué et est contenu dans Editor Toolbox. Ce module permet d'avoir une boite à outil flottante dans laquelle on peut rechercher du contenu, ajouter des bookmarks, consulter l'historique.

  • Content Purge: Ce module vous permet de purger certains contenu régulièrement, comme des articles AFP par exemple.

France 24 Lab is opened to its members on 12/19

On December 19th, the France 24 Lab is opened to its members.

The first 20 people registered to attend the event will participate to a presentation of the new products developped in the Lab during the last months.
In the second part of the meeting we will discuss about the possibilities of usage and new functionnalities for 2009.
We will finish with a visit of France 24 backstage. The number of person is limited to 20 for logistical reasons. To get an invitation to the event, just register on Facebook

France 24's Facebook Quiz

FRANCE 24 is one of the first French media who recently launched a Facebook application dedicated to the news. It’s called ‘Actu Quiz’ in French (‘News Quiz’ in English).
Aim is simple: to pile up points by responding to a range of questions (5 each day) related to a news topic (politics, economics, sports and so on). Nothing actually to win, just being ranked as one of the best ‘Quizer ‘ of the community. Everyone can challenge his FB buddies by sending invitations to play.

It’s easy to play, it’s not time consuming: 3 minutes max per quiz.
There are currently 4 000 people registered to this application since the launch, October the 15th. An average of 200 new players per day.

Go to France 24's Facebook News Quiz


Broadcast shows from your pocket and anywhere else in the world

To transmit live images in a broadcasting quality from anywhere else in the world, that's what every reporter looking for press scoop is dreaming about. But with no mean to transmit the data, there's no such thing as a scoop.

This is why France 24, 2 years ago, equipped itself with :

-MediaClipway, a software used to allow live transmissions at a very low rate

-BGAN from Inmarsat a satellite system for data transmission of which you can see the satellite coverage map below


In order to implement this system, you just have to own a BGAN antenna, a little device of the size of a laptop to connect yourself to the Immarsat's network, with a 256Kbps rate guaranteed.

Then connect the camera to the computer, the MediaClipway software does the rest. It gets the signal from the camera, compresses it in a 256 Kbps bandwidth and transmit it to the BGAN from a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable.

As you can see on this picture (here Sophie Claudet, great reporter at France24), thanks to this device, a single person is enough to broadcast a live show from anywhere else in the world !


And here you have what you get on a TV-show, with a BGAN-live done from Columbia, a few months ago : 

This system should rapidly evolve in the next months : regarding Clipway, the live show would be available on a full screen scale and would be able to work with two gathered BGAN on a rate twice important !

In the matter of satellite transmission, a new system will be soon available : ThurayaIP, with smaller antennas and 384Kbps rates guaranteed !

In short, there are good times ahead for pocket satellite live-shows !

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